K2 Incense and Drug Testing E-mail
Written by Jake Elliott   
Saturday, 29 May 2010 08:17

I haven't had time to write a review of the use of K2 Incense, either as incense, or as an 'unapproved' smoke. I can give a quick comment though on K2's effects:  it does give a feeling of high-ness when smoked. (I really have to write a full review explaining, sometime in future).

Since the K2 Smoke gave a similar feeling to 'medicinal herb', I was interested in if it would pass a drug screen test.

Luckily, I have access to such tests, so it was no big deal to take a piss test a day after smoking (unapproved use of) K2 Incense. 

I know the 'unapproved use' is annoying, but I want to make sure anyone reading this completely understands that this product is NOT supposed to be smoked, any more than one should smoke cow dung. But, people do strange things. (no, I haven't smoked cow dung... yet)

Interesting results on K2 Drug Test

With a lot of reviews, I have seen some mention that since K2 is NOT cannabis, nor THC, then the drug tests would be negative.  While it is true that K2 is legal, and does not contain any prohibited chemical substances. The chemical is not in the same legal family as restricted ones.

The piss test I took was a good professional one. And the results were 'iffy', as in 'slightly positive' for THC.  Cheaper tests, maybe home drug tests, or improperly administered tests might give a positive result, and as with everything, your mileage may vary.

I say 'slightly' positive because it was not definitive. This particular test is like a pregnancy test, showing a pink/red line for positive detection of THC use. My test showed a very pale line. The test also looks for PCP, Cocaine, and other controlled substances, so I was able to see what a clear negative is (no line at all). My test could technically be called positive, but a result like mine would suggest that a proper blood test would be required. I have not gone that far yet, but will sometime in the future.

If you are thinking of using K2 Herbal Incense as a replacement for smoking pot, thinking you would pass drug tests, be careful. First, of course, you are NOT supposed to smoke K2. Second, if your job or parole, or whatever depends on a clean, drug-free body, do not take the risk.

One last comment. These tests and reviews are being done out of scientific curiousty, and is not an endorcement of any drug use, or even of smoking. I simply know that others DO have such interests, and it is helpful to find information about K2 incense without the propaganda of "it is bad for the children" or "hey man, it is great, buy K2 now".   Yes, the articles on this site contain referral links to the products for purchase, like this one: Buy K2 Smoke here, but the links are to help people find what they are looking for, versus those 'responsible' sites that tell you all about the evils, get you interested, and leave you hanging.

Example of sites that scare and don't say 'how to get K2":

Example of sites saying K2 is ok, but don't tell you where to buy K2:


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